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Right now we are raising Blue Laced Red Wyandotts, Cuckoo and Black Copper Marans and Nankin Bantams.  We also have a flock of mixed Brown Egg layers for eating eggs and some Guineas that pretty much do their own thing, they just come home for a little feed every now and then and to roost. All of our birds are happy, healthy and well cared for. They all get time to graze and chase bugs and all of those favorite chicken past times.

EdwinaAndChickThis is Edwina A triple laced barnevelder bantam with a Black Copper Maran chick she hatched from a egg that made the trip from our farm. The chick is one day old in the photo, and the proud first-hatched for Helen Connor.



We will have hatching eggs available for the breeds listed below by the end of April. All eggs are $25.00 per dozen except the Nankin eggs.  They will be $15 per 1/2 dozen.

Blue Laced Red Wyandotte
Black Copper Maran
Cuckoo Maran

All egg prices include priority shipping to the lower 48.

If you would just like to hatch some eggs and have a colorful flock that will lay colorful eggs we can ship up to two dozen like this any time. The roosters in this pen are a Ameracauna/Brahma mix and a Black copper Maran. The hens are pure breeds not right for the breeding pens or mixes including Wyandotts, Penedesencas, Marans, Ameracaunas and Rocks. The price for these hatching eggs is $16.00 per dozen or $21.00 for two dozen priority shipping included.

If you would like chicks we will hatch them for you by request, the eggs will not be set until a deposit has been recieved.  Maran and BLR Wyandotte Chicks are $3.50 each. Barnyard mix chicks are $2.00 each. Shipping cost will be around $30.00 for express shipping and the cost of the box. We also charge $15.00 to make the 50 mile round trip to the post office. We accept PayPal (email address steve@reddirtchickenranch.com), Postal Money orders or Personal Checks. (must clear before chicks or eggs are shipped).


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